When I Fall In Love: The Nat King Cole Story

“A cracker… when he sings he becomes Nat King Cole – the voice, the personality and the manner are so believable. Labonte is an captivating performer.” – The Advertiser

Luckiest Productions

“Wonderfully engaging… Labonte’s voice suits the songs and style of Cole beautifully. This is a masterly performance by a hugely talented performer.”Glam Adelaide

Nat King Cole was once described as ‘a song’s best friend’. He lived, breathed, and died for music. Cole was the first black man to host an American television show; he fought racism all his life; and he was a heavy smoker – three packs a day in order to get the sound he needed to caress the lyrics and romance the melody. In 1965 he died of lung cancer at only 45 years old.

When I Fall in Love is a visit with a beautiful soul, featuring an artist’s impression of the voices and stories that built the heart and soul of the man. Conceived for the 2011 Adelaide Cabaret Festival, and written by award-winning international playwright Ross Mueller, it showcases the incredible Bert Labonte as he channels the legendary Nat King Cole.

Bert Labonte is undoubtedly one of the finest actors and musical theatre performers in Australia. Having worked consistently for the Melbourne Theatre Company and Sydney Theatre Company over the last seven years, as well as acting in films such as Animal Kingdom, he is a formidable talent and a universally admired performer.