Sweet Charity

Luckiest Productions & Neil Gooding Productions

In association with Hayes Theatre Co

Directed by Dean Bryant
Choreography by Andrew Hallsworth Musical Direction by Andrew Worboys

“A fresh, thrilling production… Verity Hunt-Ballard gives a radiant, endearing performance; sensationally sung and danced, with knockout comic timing… Don’t miss it.” – Sunday Telegraph

The first show at Hayes Theatre Co was an up-close and personal production of the classic musical Sweet Charity, produced by Luckiest Productions and Neil Gooding Productions.

Sweet Charity played at Hayes Theatre Co from 7 February – 9 March 2014 Sweet Charity toured in 2015, playing at the Sydney Opera House, Canberra Theatre Centre, Arts Centre Melbourne, and the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre.

Best Actress in a Musical


Best Director of a Musical


Best Choreography


Best Musical


Best Actress in a Musical


Best Supporting Actress in a Musical



Verity Hunt-Ballard as Charity
Martin Crewes as Charlie / Oscar / Vittorio
Debora Krizak as Nikki / Ursula
Lisa Sontag as Heléne
Kuki Tipoki as Big Daddy
Jakob Ambrose, Kirby Burgess, Xander Ellis, Stephanie Grigg, Seann Matthew Moore, Francesca O’Donnell and Rowena Vilar
Costume Design by Tim Chappel Set Design by Owen Phillips Lighting Design by Ross Graham
Sound Design by Jessica James-Moody

If you believe in something hard enough, then eventually it has to come true, right?  Charity Hope Valentine is the eternal optimist – a worldview that puts her distinctly at odds with her co-workers in a seedy, run-down dance hall.  Dancing with man after man to pay her rent, she dreams of finally being whisked out of there and rescued by love.  But can Charity wish her way into making love come true.

Book by Neil Simon; Music by Cy Coleman; Lyrics by Dorothy Fields. Based on an original screenplay by Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli and Ennio Plaiano.  Produced for the Broadway Stage by Fryer, Carr and Harris.  Conceived, Staged and Choreographed by Bob Fosse.


“‘She’s so vital and brimming with life’ says Vittorio Vidal to Charity – but those same words could easily sum up the joy of this new production.

Director Dean Bryant has done a magnificent job… Verity Hunt Ballard is simply wonderful as Charity, smart and sassy one minute, heartbreakingly hopeful the next, and she sings like an angel… They’ve succeeded in making Sweet Charity feel fresh and new once again.

I haven’t been this excited about musical theatre in Sydney for a long time and Hayes Theatre Company is the reason.  

Do yourself a favour and book a seat.”

– Daily Telegraph

“Downsized, dirtied up and over-flowing with music-theatre talent… there is little to match the thrill of theatre seen right up close… the work done by this small, highly expert team is exceptional” – The Australian

“A fresh, thrilling production… Verity Hunt-Ballard gives a radiant, endearing performance; sensationally sung and danced, with knockout comic timing… Don’t miss it.” – Sunday Telegraph

“It’s a thrill to see and hear performers of this calibre close up…Crewes is a delight. Krizak is superb.  A memorable night.” – Sydney Morning Herald

“The words “must-see” are bandied about all too often nowadays, but this is a truly exhilarating experience… Under Dean Bryant’s direction, Sweet Charity becomes something real; something palpable… Verity Hunt-Ballard is revelatory as Charity… One day you’ll want to be able to say you were there when it all began.” – Daily Review

“This isn’t a replica. This is a re-structure and a call to arms… It’s all glorious. Raw and new and unavoidable; bombastic and sexy and addictive… A musical theatre revolution is coming, and its home is the Hayes Theatre. Sweet Charity is a near-perfect production, and the company shows infinite promise for the future. Trust me, if you’re not on this bandwagon yet, you should jump on it now before you miss it.” – Aussie Theatre

“Brilliant, ballsy, and unmissable – an astonishing version of the American classic… Dean Bryant and Andrew Worboys have crafted a version that makes the experience complete and thrilling… Run as fast as you can.” – Stage Noise

“Musical theatre doesn’t come any better than this… A production in which I simply can’t find a fault.” – Stage Whispers

“An incredibly high-energy take on the classic musical… Verity Hunt-Ballard plays Charity to perfection… Sets the bar very high.” – Australian Stage